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Tuk Tuks In Thailand

Tuk Tuks are an icon of Thailand. Find out more about the tuk tuks in Thailand and how your can use them to explore Thailand.

A tuk tuk outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok


The Tuk Tuk is an icon of Bangkok. Find out how you can explore Bangkok by tuk tuk.

A tradition frog shaped tuk tuk in Trang


You can find tuk tuks all over Thailand and they are always a fun way to explore.

What is a Tuk tuk?

Tuk Tuk definition: A vehicle with three wheels and an engine, typically with open sides, that is used as a taxi in some countries.

Tuk Tuks take different shapes and are called by different names across the world. For example they are known as auto rickshaws in India.

Do you want to know more, like “Why is it called a tuk-tuk?”

Tuk Tuks Around The World

Tuk Tuks, auto-rickshaws and similar vehicles are common in many countries around the world. Of course you will find tuk tuks in India, Sri Lanka and elsewhere in Asia, but you may be surprised to find them around the world.

We even have details on Tuk Tuks in the UK

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