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Experience the vibrant streets of Bangkok from the unique vantage point of a traditional tuk tuk.

Explore Bangkok on a Tuk tuk

Welcome to our collection of the best Bangkok tuk tuk tour experiences!

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, a tuk tuk tours offer an exciting and intimate way to explore the bustling city of Bangkok. Navigate through the narrow alleys, discover hidden gems, and see the famous sights, all from the open-air comfort of a tuk tuk. Of course, let’s not forget the famous Bangkok food, which you can experience on a tuk tuk food tour.

The Best Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours

Choose from our range of curated tuk tuk tours, each designed to offer a unique exploration of the city:

Guest enjoying a tuk tuk tour in Bangkok

Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour

Experience Bangkok at its most enchanting hour. This tour showcases the city as it’s lit up in the evening, from bustling night markets to illuminated landmarks like Wat Arun and The Grand Palace.

Guests eating street food on a food tuk tuk tour in Bangkok

Evening Food & Tuk Tuk Adventure

Savor the flavors of Bangkok on a tuk tuk street food tour. Sample local dishes and learn about Thai cuisine from our knowledgeable guides, as you travel around Bangkok in a tuk tuk.

Family on a tuk tuk tour in Bangkok

Family Canal & Tuk Tuk Adventure

Experience 2 of Bangkok’s legendary transports in a tour designed especially for families with younger kids. Combining long tail boats, tuk tuks, and famous sites, this is the perfect way to explore Bangkok with kids.

Why Take a Tuk Tuk Tour in Bangkok?

The tuk tuk is an icon of Bangkok, so there is not better way to explore Bangkok that in a tuk tuk.

Night tuk tuk tours allow you to explore when whether is cooler and traffic is quieter.
On a food tuk tuk tour you also get to sample the best food in Bangkok.
Fun for people of all ages

Read this article for more reasons of why to take a tuk tuk tour in Bangkok?

Why Choose Our Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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