While tuk tuks are synonymous with the bustling streets of Southeast Asia, they can occasionally be found on the streets of the United Kingdom, bringing a slice of global culture to urban and rural settings alike.

In the UK, tuk tuks are celebrated for their versatility and novelty, serving as both a practical mode of transportation and a vibrant addition to various social events and tours.

They range from Pedicab style that you find in touristy areas of central London to Thai Tuk Tuks offering tours in the Lake Districts.

There are several companies selling, renting and offering tours with tuk tuks and auto-rickshaws in the UK and we are currently compiling a list of these to add.

Tuk Tuks Tours in UK

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Rickshaws in London

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Tuk Tuk Tours in UK

The following companies offer tuk tuk tours in UK

Tuk Tuk Guernsey: http://www.tuktukguernsey.co.uk/

Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours https://www.cotswoldtuktuktours.co.uk/

London Rickshaws: https://londonrickshaws.co.uk/

Promo Pedicab Hire: https://promopedicabhire.co.uk/

Buy and Rent Tuk Tuk in UK

The following are companies that import tuk tuks in the uk for sale and also have some for rent

Tuk Tuk UK: Tuk Tuk UK offer a range of tuk tuks for sale including electric versions https://tuktukuk.com/

Tuk Shop: Tuk Shop offers a range of tuk tuks for sale including electric versions and used tuk tuks. https://tukshop.com/

Tukxi: Tukxi specialize in selling and converting Ape Calessino http://www.tukxi.com/

Tuk Tuk Hire: https://tuktukhire.com/

London Tuk Tuks: https://londontuktuks.co.uk/

London Rickshaw Hire: https://londonrickshawhire.co.uk/