Welcome To TukTuks.com

Hello and welcome to TukTuks.com, the digital hub where adventure on three wheels begins and the stories of tuk tuks and local transports from around the globe come to life!

Our Origin

TukTuks.com was originally launched in 2020, at a time when the world seemed to slow down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by Simon, the then-owner of Exique Tours, a leading tuk tuk tour operator based in Bangkok, the site was originally conceived as a supportive platform for tuk tuk drivers. With international travel halted and the bustling streets of Bangkok unusually quiet, the vibrant community of tuk tuk drivers found themselves without their usual crowd of eager tourists. TukTuks.com emerged as a beacon of hope, spotlighting these drivers and the rich culture surrounding Thailand’s iconic three-wheeled transport.

That was the intention at least but it ended up sitting untouched for 3 years!

A New Journey

Today, while Simon has stepped back from his role at Expique, his passion for tuk tuks burns as bright as ever. He continues to own and evolve TukTuks.com, reimagining it as a broader exploration of the world of tuk tuks and other authentic local modes of transportation. Our vision is to roam the globe virtually, bringing into focus the various types of tuk tuks that zip through the streets of countries such as India, Thailand, and even England! We will be delving into other local transports that define the everyday commute in different cultures.

What’s Next?

The road ahead for TukTuks.com is as exciting as it is undefined. We are on a journey to explore every alley and avenue where tuk tuks roll and other local vehicles cruise. From the auto-rickshaws of Mumbai to the bajajs of Jakarta, our mission is to become the ultimate repository of everything tuk tuk. Whether it’s promoting local transport tours, sharing captivating stories from drivers, or exploring the engineering behind these fascinating vehicles, our goal is to cater to both the curious traveler and the tuk tuk enthusiast.

As we gear up to relaunch TukTuks.com, we invite you to join us in this unique expedition. Who knows? Maybe we will evolve into “Everything Tuk Tuk,” a place where every click brings a new story, a new adventure, and a new understanding of the world through the lens of the most spirited vehicle on three wheels.

Stay tuned for more articles, features, and stories as we journey through the world of tuk tuks and beyond. Share with us your own tuk tuk tales and join the community of enthusiasts who cherish this humble yet vibrant hero of the streets.

Welcome aboard TukTuks.com—let’s make this journey unforgettable!